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Nome Artistico:: Adam Champ
Aniversário:: 10 Outubro 1976♎ Libra
Profissão:: Porn Star
País de Origem:: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Raça:: Caucasian - American
Cor dos Olhos:: Brown
Cor do Cabelo:: Brown
Peso:: 99
Pénis:: 19 cm Circuncisado
Pêlo:: Hairy
Tatoos:: No
Piercings:: No
Fisico:: Muscular
Função Sexual:: Dominante
Extra:: Hairy muscle god Adam Champ comes originally from Argentina in South America and was signed as a Colt Studios exclusive in 2006. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has a 50-inch chest and an 8-inch uncut cock. He's got brown hair and eyes and describes himself as a top. Adam left college in 2000 and worked for a while as a personal trainer and a flight attendant. Later he started dancing at bars in the US and appearing in TV shows and commercials in Mexico but after leaving there he took up an offer of porn work from Colt. Early in his porn career he met and fell for fellow Colt model Carlo Masi. In 2010 he joined Raging Stallion.

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